Realtime PCR - Cardiovascular Diseases

Product DescriptionCodeCE MarkDescription
Factor V CambridgeEER024032EER024032

32 Tests - R306T

Factor V Y1702CEER047032EER047032

32 Tests

Factor V H1299R EER041032EER041032

32 Tests - A4070G

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AS - Ref: EER31032QS

Factor V LeidenEER038032EER038032

32 Tests - G1691A 

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AS - Ref: EER027032QS

Factor II EER037032EER037032

32 Tests - G20210A Mut

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AP - Ref. EER028032QS

MTHFR C677TEER039032EER039032

32 Tests - C677T

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AS - Ref: EER029032QS

MTHFR A1298CEER040032EER040032

32 Tests - A1298C

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AS - Ref: EER030032QS

PAI-1 EER053032EER053032

32 Tests - 675 Promoter 4G/5G

Factor XIII EER22032EER22032

32 Tests - V34L

HPA-1 a/bEER048050EER048050

50 Tests - HPA-1 a/b

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AS - Ref: EER048032QS


32 Tests - A66G


32 Tests - A2756G

Care and quality
Our Certifications

The standardization of the manufacturing process, the strict control of raw materials and finished products and the cross-checks in outer reference labs have made Clonit able to assure the highest standards of care and quality.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certificated.

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